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It has been some time since I last posted. Nothing much has been going on, which is pretty good for me I guess. Too tired for anything excitement lately. Orz

I'm just really glad that I decided to step out of my comfort zone that day. No regrets!! Despite it being awkward as first, I have now found myself a few good (however new) friends. :)

I could say that I used to be outgoing, definitely more so than now. But I'm not really sure what happened, it just did; I slowly became more withdrawn and shy (what....?). I was afraid to step up and make friends.

This definitely helped me a lot. Just by gathering up a little courage. I made a bunch of really nice friends. ^^

I've always only had PP and grace in my life. Soon after that awave! So glad to have met them but they are my only friends. I thought it would do me good if I befriend new people. And ta-da~ it paid off! Yay \o/

I love (and missed) the feeling of making new friends. So exciting~ love it.

Arashi // Heart


Four days left until the start of Os!!!!

25 days until the END of Os!!!!

66 days until trip to Japan!!!!

So fast I can't.....

Very nervous for the first paper which is phy/chem practical on Thursday gah. I can't afford to screw the prac up oh god

I feel so unprepared and totally zero confidence in taking ANY of the papers. From my prelims results...oh my god. Seriously.

Especially English. I got a freaking B4 can you believe it??? I can't. This WAS the only subject I was confident in getting an A1/2 but now....erm ya no.

Anyway...really thankful to have such great friends who kept encouraging me throughout this hell period. Thank you!!! Especially Sing Yee and Rina. Love you guys TTM.

And crisis ;___;

And this boob van. Even though we always scare each other (ok more like I keep scaring her) but we can totally relate our anxious feelings and all that crap. *heart*

Thank you guys!!!

Ok back to studying. 25 more days go go go! \o/

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@satovan !!!

This post warrants for a special title. Talk to this girl can die seriously. We are talking about Os and just scaring the shit out of ourselves now. Cannot sia will die leh I am So freaking scared its not even funny anymore. And it's not even funny in the first place!!!!!!

Don't know what I saying already la aiyo

Erm So today I went to collect my passport then I skipped humanities remedial tmr I need to go school complete one SS and one Geog paper plus I got amaths remedial in the afternoon also please kill me I need to hand up two geog essays by Friday also and a chem paper fffffffffff

Ok la bye :/

Satovan will be an illegal immigrant come December HAHAHAHAH

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Takeru // Pretty in Pink

This is worst than...

Staying in school doing Os D&T last year. The latest I reached home from school was 9:15~9:30 but today I reached home at 9:45pm OMG can.


Doing an entire physics paper in the school canteen is a bad baaaaad choice. So warm and sticky and noisy. OTL.

Today is only Monday and I'm feeling so tired already. Dunno how I can survive the for the four days. Can't wait for weekends to come!!! Anyhoooooo I'm going to collect my passport tomorrow!! ^___^y

Byebee! Gotta bathe and then do revision. Watching VSA at 11:30! :Db

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Ben 10 // Gwen is annoyed

Is it time to...


SO...Amaths and geog paper today.

I think I will do pretty okay for geog...hopefully.

For Amaths...well. All I can say is that I'm pretty much screwed for that paper. We'll see for paper one on Wednesday. If I flunk Amaths, I need to use Chinese as a subject to count in...LOL CHINESE AND AMATHS. win :/

Will do my best for the remaining subjects!

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